This is a day in the life of a Plant Based Way of Eating. Dr. Gregor has great information – 12 Basics to keep you Healthy. His App makes this super simple. Beans are one of the twelve foods you must have daily.

Beans are a Plant Based Cook’s Close friend.

Beans canned or dry are an excellent choice for protein in your meals. Canned beans have sodium – check out Whole Foods Brands 365 – usually low in sodium and always rinse a few times any canned beans. Working full time, last minute – always have the canned. By the way – Instapot can make excellent beans in 40 minutes.

Beans, Legumes, Peas are so undervalued – punched with so many excellent sources of fiber, B Vitamins, Protein, helps reduce blood sugar, improve your cholesterol plus keep your gut healthy, and rich in antioxidants.

Have you heard of the Blue Zones? These people that in Blue Zones are some of the healthiest people in the world plus they live the longest – 100+(Healthy)! They eat healthy – obviously + they usually consume at least a cup of beans daily, mostly eating a plant based diet.

When you go to the Doctor and they ask what do you eat – answering “A plant based diet” they say – “Oh, where do you get your protein?” I usually say from the grocery store and tell them about beans and even lemons have protein.

Do you know how many grams of fiber you consume a day? Do you know what the average American consumes in fiber per day?

Amount of Fiber in 1 Cup:

Lentils 17.9 17 Grams Protein

Adzuki Beans 16.8 17 Grams Protein

Black Beans 15.2 15 Grams Protein

Be creative when adding beans to your meals ~ think outside the box. Lentils taste great mixed with Salsa. Prepare a little lentils mixed in with your yogurt – Morning Breakfast yogurt or dessert yogurt with Chia Seeds and Black Lentils – how does that sound? Every Tuesday is “TACO TUESDAY” and we put Beans in our tacos and/or side dishes. Making the beans in our InstaPot is quick and easy – Approximately 35 minutes and your beans will be ready. Spice it up a little add some diced red onions, garlic and maybe some Seasonings. Save money from store bought canned beans, salt, and who knows if they are Organic? If you do use canned beans – rinse them off to eliminate some slat.

To keep your beans from being booorrring – ad some Onions, Garlic, Vegan Worcestershire Sauce, Chipotle Seasonings, Cayenne Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Bay Leaves, Allspice, Basil, and be creative……

Do you have a favorite bean? My favorite is Adzuki Beans. I have found Garbanzo beans to be very versatile and just started making Falafels with Sweet potatoes and Garbanzo beans. Another yummo sandwich is to replace tuna with smashed garbanzo beans – add some dill, vegannais.

Check back for more recipes for bean recipes. Do you get farts? Have you heard about the Flatulence/Fart study done by Dr. Fardy – there is a recent video Dr. Michael Greger.