Plant Based Bean Salad

How do you find new food combinations? How will I know they will taste good?

What should I make ahead of time? How long will dinner take?

Best is to plan on 30 minutes total to prepare a dinner after working all day.

Make long term cooking items ahead of time or freeze and package up.

For instance if you know you want beans and have a Pressure Cooker – figure 40 minutes just to make the beans. You can even set the beans up in the morning before you leave and they will be waiting for you when you return. When I took Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s Course regarding Nutrition Studies a number of people were surveyed all over America asking them if they thought they were eating healthy and how they come up with what they need to eat…. The answers were all over the place. The Easiest way is to follow Dr. Michael Greger’s Daily Dozen App. You can download it for free on your mobile device. Also, his book How Not To Die, and How Not to Die Cookbook.

3 Servings of Beans per day.

1 serving of Berries per day.

Berries = Health

3 More servings of various Fruit per day.

1 Serving of a Cruciferous Vegetable per day.

2 More servings of Greens per day.

2 more servings of different vegetables per day.

1 Tablespoon of flax seeds per day.

2 Tablespoons of Nuts or Nut Butter per day.

1/4 teaspoon of spice per day.

3 Servings of Whole Grains per day – pasta cereal, english muffin, millet, barley, quinoa, wild rice.

5 + more glasses of water per day.

Also – get sunlight, Vitamin B12, Exercise.

If you can engrain these items in your daily consumption of being on a plant based diet —- you are on your way.

For instance – this morning we had Ezekial Bread toasted with Nut Butter and Cherry Jam.

Lunch was White Bean Salad with Spinach, Cilantro, Seeds, Avocado, and Spinach.

Dinner will probably be veggie stir fry on wild rice or Orange/Vegan Not-Chicken on rice.

Best Places to Find Plant Based Meal Ideas:

Number 1 search result – Pinterest. Just type in search bar Vegan Unique Ideas. To go even further you could add in the search bar a couple of ingredients you have and go from there. Type in Lentils and Mushrooms – you will have some new ideas.

Number 2 search result is always Google: Plant Based Meals, Unique Plant Based Meals, Vegan Plant Based Meals, Unique Vegan Meals.

Number 3 Download Forks Over Knives App. They ad new recipes almost daily. Forks Over Knives has a great Magazine with beautiful photos.

Number 4 Download Oh She Glows App. Very healthy and unique recipes.

Number 5 Download Scribd App – it costs about $8 a month to read a large choice of books. I have on my Scribd App ‘Blissful Basil, The Everything Vegan Cookbook, The Vegan Cookbook, Vegan Pressure Cooker Cookbook, Chole’s Quick-andEasy Vegan Party Foods, Chole’s Kitchen, Big Vegan – just to name a few.

Number 6 BookBub is a free site to join with daily emails sent to you with free and paid choices.

Number 7 Twitter – Search for Vegan on twitter and you will find some really great people to follow.

Number 8 Ebay – Search for Recipe Books that are Vegan and/or Plant Based. Recently I purchased a book by Linda McCartney for $3 including shipping. I made a tasty white bean casserole from her book. Follow Your Heart has the BEST soups I ever tasted….their recipe book is less than $5 on Ebay – probably about $20 – $30 elsewhere.

What are some of your best places to find ideas for plant based meals?

Try one of my ideas and please comment and let me know how things turned out.

Mahalo, Lizzy