Food and Nutrition excellent movie can watch on Netflix – plus apps, magazine and website with food as medicine information. Inspirational movie about sugar. Nutritional Therapists National Institute of Health

Whole Foods Diet for Longevity

Peter Singer – Time magazine named Singer on of the most influential people in the world

President and CEO of the Humane Society of US – Health and welfare of animals –

Dr. Stoll is an educator, physician, and inspiration re Plant Based eating movement –

Dr. Klaper

Dr. Pam Popper

Health Promoting

Engine 2 – Great Recipes and Prepared Foods – Have you heard their story?

Mark Bittman

Jeff Novick

Protein aholic

True Health Initiative

Dr. McDougall – Dr. Colin Campbell Quotes him several times in his books

T. Colin Campbell – THE CHINA STUDY

Brenda Davis


Humane Society

Peter Singer

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Dr. Esselstyn