Plant Based FodsWhy would anyone want to eat only plants?

Are there benefits to eating a plant based way? If so how would you know? What is the big deal about giving up creatures and dairy?

Will I get enough protein and if so – where am I getting it from? What will I miss?

First off plants based foods are cutting out the middle-animal …. Cows eat plants and then people supposedly are eating the cows… Why not just eat the plants?

Rich diets filled with healthy clean organic fiber rich foods will increase the chance of you body staying healthy.  Your blood circulates throughout your whole body and everything that enters that temple/body is carried by your brain – to generate your body engine going on.

Basically, the main reason to go Plant Based – is to promote health. Weight loss will follow by eating more fiber and feeling full and moving things along.

Your skin will improve by digesting so many antioxidant rich foods such as Fruits and vegetables. They contain loads of Vitamin C which help stimulate collagen production and will reduce fine lines and wrinkles.